Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trying this again

Okay, so I wrote like 2 blogs and then didn't find time to do anymore. Since Christmas, my life became a little crazier and busier. Let me tell you about what I've been doing.

In January, I began a long awaited weight loss and lifestyle change journey. my workplace offers some kick-ass wellness programs and I finally decided to take advantage of some that would really help me become healthier. A group of friends and I decided to form a team for the "Shape Up the Nation" program in which we would all receive pedometers and then track our steps, exercise minutes and weight loss. We also decided that we'd begin a weight loss group as well and couple it with the exercise portion of the program. We began in the 2nd week of January with the weight loss portion. Being in a group from my workplace was a great idea, as we spend the majority of our time with people at work and we were all totally ready to lose to some of the weight that we had put on from a few years of indulging in the wonderful catering that we have at our facility. We're also a really competetive group and no one wanted to "not" lose!

Super long story short, since January 2009, I have lost a total of 55 pounds. I officially hit my goal weight on July 7 and have since maintained, and even lost a few more. I did this with a combination of healthy eating, eliminating sodas and sugars, and moderate exercise. Since I live in Ohio and hate gym memberships, I pulled out my 9 years old and gathering dust videos (yes, VHS tapes) of Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" and started in home walking. I also did some exercises on the Wii Fit, as well as an exercise ball.

Feeling like I had gotten in good enough shape, I decided to run (yep, I'm crazy) a 5K in honor of my dear friend Andrea's husband, who was tragically killed in a work-related accident in November 2008. Let's just say that I did it - ran most of the way, and finished the 5K in 38 minutes. WOW! Here is a picture of me crossing the finish line with my dear friend, Ryann, who stuck with me the whole way so that I could keep a good pace and finish the race running.

All for a great cause, but now, 3 days later, I'm still recovering from the run (shin splints) and can't say that I'm "running" out to sign up for my next 5K. I think I'll continue my fast walking. I'm better at that! But who knows, perhaps I'll try to run the Run for Row in 2010, and this time, I will plan to take a week off after that race to recover.