Friday, December 5, 2008

Okay, so I've succumbed to the peer pressure and am trying out this blog thing. I truly don't think that I have anything exciting to share, but perhaps my mom will get a kick out of this and I can share Owen's funnies with her on this blog vs. talking to her 3 times a day. (just kidding, mom, you know I love you)

As I type this, I've been banished to the computer room (i.e. the Buckeye room) as Mike and Owen play Lego Batman on the Wii for like the last 5 consecutive evenings. I used to like the Lego Batman game, but not when you play it every.single.night. for hours on end. I'm just over it. Can't wait til we get that My Sims Kingdom and any other other Wii games that Santa brings Owen or Mike this year. It's bad enough that it's either Lego Batman or NCAA Football 2008 every.single.night.

Hey, I guess I can do this! LOL


Cammie said...

Hey you!!!! Yeah for blogging!! If you need help with your profile or anything let me know
love you

Amy Lemaniak said...

Woo hoo! Welcome to the dark side! You're going to love blogging and will quickly become addicted to it.

Kelly Syferd said...

Yay for peer pressure! Blogging is addicting!

prashant said...

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